Sunday, January 1, 2012

come what may and love it

Of course, since it's a new year, we're all writing down our goals, making resolutions, trying to grow, become better than we were the previous year.

As I was writing mine down, I realized, I haven't written down or hardly made New Year's resolutions in years.

So one of my resolutions--make and fulfill some New Year's resolutions...I know.

Really though, some of my goals are that I plan to better myself and grow as a person.

I plan to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the scriptures and gospel in general.

To develop better, closer relationships with my friends and family, as well as make new friends.

On being more outgoing in all aspects of my life, especially with sharing the gospel.

I want the light of Christ to shine from me in a way that people will want to know Christ by knowing me.

I plan to show more service, and be more charitable. Most of all though, I plan to live my life starting now around Elder Joseph B. Worthlin's talk in the 2008 General Conference "Come What May, and Love it."

Everything happens for a reason.

All experiences in life are meant to build you and help you grow.

So I've realized I need to be thankful for every one of them--good or bad--and love what happens. I made a friend today that I went to church with, and he told me "If you live it, you'll love it-if you don't you won't."

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. We are meant to laugh, love, achieve, get our hearts broken, occasionally fail that we may learn how to succeed.

This is going to be a wonderful year.