Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"i love love!" (for real this time)

In light of Valentine's Day, I am inspired to write about love (naturally).

Now I have church every Sunday morning at 9 am, which proves to be very difficult sometimes, because I like staying out late on Saturday nights as much as the next girl (probably more.)

As a result, there are mornings that going to church is hard, and paying attention is even harder, and sometimes, to keep myself awake, I draw pictures....

But, I have found that on days that I am actually awake and really praying to be touched by the Spirit, I have the most amazing lessons.

Today we had this incredible lesson about love. Not necessarily the "I love you let's get married and have babies" kind of love, but the kind that we ought to have for everyone.

Over the course of the lesson, points were made about reserving our judgements about people until we get to know them, because that leaves room for love to grow

"Why do we love Christ? Because He loved us first."

This got me to thinking, how many of us hold back on loving people, because we don't know them or we think they don't deserve it, or we think they don't love us back?

The fact of the matter is, everyone not only deserves love, but we all require it. As human beings, we have to have love, tenderness, affection, or we won't make it.

Like a newborn baby will die if it isn't immediately and constantly in contact with another human's touch, I think we also will wither away and stop living if we aren't loved.

God doesn't make mistakes. He has never made a single person that he hasn't loved, and expected others to love as well.

It's not our duty to pick and try to discern who is entitled to it, but rather to give that love freely and without limitations, because don't we want that in return?

We love Christ because he loved us first--Jesus didn't wait for us to prove ourselves, to see if we were worthy of his love, he just gave it to us.

Who are we to hold back?

You can't choose who to love, because everyone deserves it.

And what a difference that would make in our lives, in society, in the world, if we loved without hesitation. That being said, how can we expect to be loved if we don't? So love without fear, live without regret, and realize that everyone is fighting a hard battle--we all just need a little tender loving care.