Tuesday, April 1, 2014

marry me?


In honor of April Fool's today, and the classic "I'm engaged," prank that 80% of Facebook users attempt each year--sorry guys, it's a little over done, and highly predictable--I thought I would share with all of you the story of when I was proposed to.

SETTING: The Woodlands, Texas. Early November. Saturday night.  

It was a group date. We had gone to dinner, went mini golfing, took tons of pictures, and decided to get ice cream and walk around the Woodlands Mall a bit. We were having a lot of fun, pranking people, laughing, and we reach an area where a huge Christmas tree is lit and a restaurant sits. The lights above us are twinkling, and our group decides we would like a picture together. As luck would have it, a large group was just leaving the restaurant! They were obviously having a celebration of sorts, carrying out balloons, presents, a large cake, and some elderly folks. Perhaps it was an anniversary? That doesn't actually matter. Anyways, one of the guys from our group ran to see if we could bother them to take a picture of us. The man he asked was a little hesitant, however slightly irritated, he agreed.

Each of us stood next to our date and smiled for the camera. Just before the man snapped the picture, my date, Scott, steps out and asks if he wouldn't mind waiting just one moment. Scott gets down on one knee. "Olivia, I know this is unexpected, but this has been a really great first date and I just have to ask if you'll marry me?" 

Taken aback, I'm silent for a split second before I agree. "Yes! Of course!" Tears in my eye as he puts a ring on my finger, everyone starts congratulating us. The strangers around us started offering congratulations and hugs. I was kissed by a couple crying old ladies who were so excited and happy for me, feeling so blessed they were able to witness such a happy moment in our lives. One of the strangers placed their cake in our hands and told us it was a gift for such a monumental, special occasion. Scott and I tried to decline, but these folks would not hear anything of the sort. We graciously thanked them and our groups divided and parted. WHAT NICE PEOPLE!

Too bad we are the worst.

Once we rounded the corner, our group could not stop laughing. Because, oh ho, April Fools! It wasn't a real proposal. We did feel so bad that we tricked those strangers and took their cake, but in our defense, we tried to decline the cake! Also, it made those old biddies so happy, I couldn't bear to tell them it was a joke. Plus, old people kind of freak me out, so the less interaction I have with them, the better.

In case you are wondering, we are all super aware that we are terrible people who are never making it to heaven. But it was super funny.