Tuesday, May 21, 2013

what do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me... ending up together?


I've been reflecting on my dating life lately, whom I have dated, who I would love to go out with again, etc., and I got to thinking about what I am really looking for in a guy. The qualities I want you know? And as I got to reflecting upon all the reason I'm still single, I started wondering if maybe I'm dating the wrong types of guys (because obviously it's not just me.)

I somewhat recently went on a date with someone completely different than anyone I had ever been out with before--now, he was a really nice guy. And I appreciated that he had the courage to actually ask me on a date, and take me somewhere nice, and be polite and courteous. Really, it was nice.

Then we got to talking...Whoever said opposites attract is an idiot.

Things started going down hill when he told me he loved talking animal movies, plummeted when he expressed his love for reading (and I can appreciate reading if I've got an intriguing book, but that's all he likes to do. Just not my cup of tea, you know?) But, despite these interests, and the fact that he tells me he hates everything I love, (country music, romantic comedies, Lord of the Rings, etc) I'm still trying to give him a chance. Now, those of you that know me, know I'm quite the loquacious person. Also, I'm somewhat of an entertainer--I love to be in big crowds, cracking jokes and laughing and all of that. I love dancing, and parties, and meeting new people, making new friends...and as I am telling him about all of this, he stops me cold and tells me his ideal situation is sitting in a room, alone, with no windows, doors, or light of any kind, in complete silence. I almost laughed, until I realized he was dead serious. Then I almost laughed again because that's what I do when I feel awkward. Which is really saying a lot because I rarely--if ever--feel awkward.

You're all probably wondering what conclusion I was lead to after this experience. Don't worry, I did come to one: it really is just me, and I'm just going to keep dating the types of guys I usually do. Or else I'll just stock up on donuts. Either seems to be a valid option at this point.

Also, yes. the title of this blog is quoting Dumb and Dumber.

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