Monday, December 16, 2013

ferris bueller you're my herooo


If you are with a guy, you are talking, and he winks at you--he is definitely into you

If you are with a guy, and he is looking at your lips, he likes you. Or at least your luscious lips

If you are with a guy, and he gets crazy eyes when talking to you, he's excited to be around you.

These are some tips I learned from a very good friend of mine. Who will likely hate me for posting this, because he told me never to write about him, but since the damage is already done, I would like to further write about this friend.

To begin, I would like to share with you all a story.

Many moons ago, before all the cars I crashed, I was riding a bike...which I may or may not have also crashed several times. I already know all the "women driver" jokes, so you might as well save your breath. On one occasion, I was merrily riding my bike to work, when the tire went flat and disengaged from the wheel. Still quite a way from my place of employment, I sat myself down on the curb next to my bike, and tried to come up with a solution to this predicament. After calling my boss to inform him of my certain tardiness, I just kept sitting-calling friends, hoping anyone would be around. As I was about to accept defeat, a car pulls over and the driver asks if I need help. I thank him for his offer, but let him know that I need to do something with my bike and somehow need to get to work in a reasonable timely manner.

"Well, I actually have a bike rack on top of my car, and I work at a bike shop. So if you'd like, I'll take you to work and then I'll take your bike to my shop and bring it to you after you're done."

I felt like heaven just opened up and sent me an angel.

I graciously accepted his offer, informed him that he was my hero, and the rest is history. We went on dates, we hung out with my sisters, I was constantly at his house, and he became one of my best friends. Just this last summer we were talking in his apartment and we got to discussing this girl he likes. He talked about how wonderful she made him feel. He recounted the day we met, and he brought up when I told him he was my hero. Explaining some parts of his personal situation at the time, he said he was completely taken aback that a girl he barely met would think so highly of him, and at that point is when he decided he wanted I was someone he wanted to know. From my perspective, I'm just thinking, how could anyone not think this guy was amazing? He stops his day to fix the bike and take a girl to work that was a complete stranger. That day was just a foreshadowing of the kind of person this guy is. My older sister and I went on a double date with him and another guy to Salt Lake to hear my sister sing in her choir--after which he ended up paying for the 5 of us to eat pizza and dessert (why the other boy didn't pitch in, we still have no idea.) One night this summer he even stayed up til 3 in the morning, talking to me and playing songs on his guitar because I was upset over a boy.

This friend is now getting married, and I possibly cried from happiness the day I found out. I guess the point of this post is not only talk about how awesome this friend of mine is, but to tell you that sometimes you don't know what a small act of charity or a kind word can mean. You never know how the things you do or say will affect another person, "so be gentle, regarding human frailty." I will never stop caring about the boy that fixed my bike, just because it was broken--expecting nothing in return. I know there are some really wonderful people in this world, and I only hope that I will be able to extend the same courtesy and touch someone in the way I was blessed to experience.

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