Thursday, October 11, 2012

don't be a sucky date


This post goes out to a friend of mine who told me about girls he has taken out who neglected to even thank him for dinner. Shame on you girls!

Now, there are certain procedures that are appropriate to follow when you are on a date, and they are as follows--

1. Be on time. It is so rude to make your date wait. And girls, be ready when he knocks on the door.

2. Open the door. Gentlemen open doors for their dates. And ladies allow them to do so. Obviously this is not true in all cases, but I think as evident by society, boys are only as gentlemanly as girls make them be. So let's all have a little class. And girls, be sure to have some manners and thank them for their chivalry.

3. HAVE A PLAN. Nothing is more unflattering to a girl than to find out your date put so little thought as to what you're going to do and where you are going to go. I have had boys start driving and ask me where I want to eat. I'm sorry, for real? I appreciate that they want to take into consideration where I would like to eat, but they don't get a second date. Ask her beforehand and make a plan. Don't just "wing it."

4. Compliment. Tons of girls take so much time to look nice for a date. I personally take an hour just to curl my hair and put on my make up. It's nice to hear your efforts are appreciated. And boys I'm sure like to hear that they look nice too.

5. Ordering food--girls, I can not tell you how many times I've had friends vent to me that they take their dates out to a restaurant and the girl a. gets a salad, or b. something way expensive and doesn't eat it all. I understand that not every girl can out eat their dates/hate salad (which may sometimes be embarrassing...for him!) so get something small, and in the price range as your date. He'll be glad you didn't break his bank, and you ought to be able to finish it.

6. Find out about each other. I have had dates talk about themselves the entire time. I conclude that he ought to just date a mirror and I write him off. I have also had dates ask me questions about me the whole time, answer whatever questions I ask, because that's what dates are for. To learn about the other person, to see if you're compatible, if you have fun, whatever it is you're looking for to have a relationship. Hello.

7. Don't be boring. No one likes boring people.

8. Say thank you. Ladies, he just spent money to feed and tolerate you. He deserves your gratitude. And gentlemen, you ought to be grateful she said yes. It's just good manners.

9. Most importantly, don't be Miley Cyrus in her movie, or in real life. Ever. This is how she is portrayed in my mind:!watch/182712. Just remember: have fun, be kind/polite/courteous, and you'll have a good time.

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