Saturday, December 29, 2012

begin again

This past year was incredibly hard.
Countless times I got on my knees and just poured my heart out to my Father in Heaven, asking Him to help me, to lift me, and without fail, every time, He did. Our Father's love is never out of reach.
Admittedly though, some of the things I went through, for whatever reason, I have not been able to move past. Until now. (Nothing like waiting til the very end of the year eh? I'm a master procrastinator. #reallybadatbeingserious #everyonehateshashtags) 
For those of you who know me well, you'll know I have a good friend serving his mission currently in Washington named Landon. I've known him for years, and he even broke my nose once...but I digress. The point is, Landon sends out a weekly email with videos and little messages, just so he can bear his testimony to some friends and family back home. They are all really wonderful, Landon has such a powerful testimony, and this week's in particular really struck a cord with me. I just want to share with you the video and what he had to say about it:
so, i hope you were able to feel the power in that message. this came out last year and just stuck with me so much that i still remembered it and wanted to share it with you all. Don't look back. if you are having a hard time leaving something behind, how much harder can you make it by continuing to stare at it. and how much harder is it to go forward and stay on a good path and do good things while walking backwards or all sideways and awkward with your neck all crooked. we're designed physically as we are intentionally and i think there is a reason we can only look one direction at a time. i believe we can take hints and learn something about our spiritual, emotional selves by considering all that.
so, it's not a new principle, but i hope you'll consider it again, especially at this time when new beginnings are on everybody's minds. and maybe watch that video again, and apply what they are saying to you.
i promise you, people, you, do have the power to change.
i love you all.
-Elder Newton
Happy New Year everyone!
No regrets. It's time to begin again. After all, "no one ever gets to see what could have been."
we always make the cutest faces

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