Thursday, December 6, 2012

get your legs flexin and your arms t-rexin and do the creep


Apparently tonight was flashback night. First, while at work, the brother of an old..ish ex came in, and started telling me what beautiful eyes I had. Then he realized who I was, got his yogurt, asked how my night was, told me his brother was gay (not really gay) and left.

Afterwards, I went over to see some new friends, and at their apartment, I run into an ex of one of my close friends from home, whom I have not seen since...March? So also, a little weird. (Probably not weird to any of you who don't know the story, which is most of you, but it was definitely unexpected for me.)

Then, since apparently I can't go to bed before 2:00 am now, I started doing some creeping on a boy I had dated just before moving to Utah, we'll call him Pursuit. Sometimes I'm just a creep. (Like all of you aren't!)

I also take pictures of interesting strangers I encounter daily:

On my most recent trip to California, I encountered the One True Ruler of Middle Earth. Nbd.
Anyways. So I was just curious about Pursuit's life, so I'm just going through pictures and whatnot, when I remember a story. It's too bad things didn't work out because this would have been classic to tell our kids.


Part of the reason I didn't go out on many dates before leaving home was the fact that I lived 40 minutes from any town. However, one night in my Institute class, I meet this nice boy, and he tells me he would like to take me on a date. Graciously I accept, and that weekend, he drives from town, picks me up, and takes me back into town for our date. That ends up being 160 minutes for him by the time he arrives home. Like I said, nicest kid. So, as the main portion of this date, he takes me to this country dancing night. Now, those of you that know me know how lethal that is. Not only am I completely and utterly uncoordinated, but I am also incredibly accident prone. I have 2 broken noses to prove it. I try to warn him, but he is so excited, and regardless of the fact that I shouldn't, I still and have always loved dancing, so I complied with whatever he wanted to try. That is, until everyone decided it was "tall, strong boy backflip over your weeny clumsy lady partner" time. I was supposed to do some fancy spin or other, then bend over and link our arms so he can back flip over me. Terrible explanation? I know. But it's the best I can do. End result: I must support him as he flips over me. Now, to be fair, I pleaded with him not to try it. I said over and over that I would fall over and I would drop him. Poor naive Pursuit thought I was being humble/silly/whateverIdon'tknowwhyhewouldn'tbelievemeIdidtheaterforsevenyearsdangit!
He would not listen, and wanting to be a good date and make him happy, I bent down and prayed that somehow, somewhere deep inside I would find the strength to hold up this 6'4" lifeguard, swim coach guy. Unfortunatly these hopes were folly, and the moment he put all of his weight on me, I collapsed like Lindsay Lohan under the pressures of drugs and fame. He managed to fall away from me, so I was fine, but Pursuit was not so much. Landing on his head, he ended up getting a concussion.

I  g a v e  a  b o y  a  c o n c u s s i o n  o n  o u r  f i r s t  d a t e.

Somehow though, we ended up dating for a little bit afterwards. Maybe I need to go dancing with boys more often?

Moral of the story: if a girl says she can't support you, SHE CAN'T SUPPORT YOU.

Perhaps things would have been different had I danced like this:

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