Wednesday, December 26, 2012

time again for another good idea, bad idea


It's that time again! Another good idea, bad idea--for dates.

GOOD IDEA: Drive in movie date

During the summer I was dating a guy, and one night we decided to see the new Spiderman movie. We went to dinner first at Carrabba's, (love that Italian food) and on our way to the movie, we bought candies (sour patch kids, some of my favorites) and a slurpee. I laughed through most of the night, and when he was walking me home, he kissed me in the rain. First kiss in the rain I ever had. Such a date can win her heart.

BAD IDEA: Being rude and then trying to kiss her

I met a guy last spring who told me he wanted to take me boating, however I got a weird vibe from this guy, so I declined. But he spent the next 3 hours trying to convince me he was a nice guy and his friends were cool, and blah blah blah. Why he was so insistent is beyond me. Don't most guys want to salvage their pride a little? So I finally agreed (under the pretenses (hoping in the very deepest part of my heart of hearts) my best friend would be able to join us) and he said he'd come get me in an hour. Not only did he show up 2 hours later, but when he did, he told me all his friends bailed, so he'd just take me out to get something to eat. I went, and he barely had time to talk to be because he was texting the whole time(ya that blog is coming), and when he did talk to me, he just told me how great he was, and belittled me in whatever way he could. Then when he dropped me off, he told me he was thirsty and asked if he could come in and get a drink. Reluctantly, I let him, and when he came in, he thought he'd try to kiss me. To which I promptly told him to get out of my house. Such a date derseves the move from What Happens in Vegas...

I have officially been writing in my blog for a year. Wooooo! Kudos to me for committing to something. Especially because I used to make fun of my mom and oldest sister for writing blogs--I always thought blogs were for losers. And look at me now! Either blogs got cooler or I got lamer...

In honor, I have condensed my blogs into one, mostly because I don't want to manage 2 anymore, and renamed it. But fret not, more dating advice to come.

And since it's Christmas time (ish) I present this video:

Muppet Carol of the Bells

The Swedish Chef kills me.

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