Monday, January 21, 2013

i know what homeschooled is, i'm not retarded


Let me just start this one out by telling you--all girls are not as dumb as you think they are when it comes to this tasteless tactic, so please don't insult my intelligence by pretending we are. The dating world in Provo is so different than the dating the rest of the world. And by now, I've got a pretty fair grasp on all the tricks.

So those of you guilty of pulling this little charmer, I ask, do you really think that I don't know that a text at midnight or later asking if I would like to "come watch a movie" actually means "come make out with me?" Really? No. Always the answer is no. I have admittedly and embarrassingly fallen for that one a couple times, but I am not a naive 18 year old anymore. (Which, sidenote, but shame on you for taking advantage of that.) Girls can see right through your bad intentions, and yes, some girls don't care and will go over and let you use them, or even initiate it themselves.

But why does anyone think it's ok to use somebody else like that, ever? It's horrible. How can you not realize how important and precious every person is, and treat them as such? Just over this last weekend I had it happen more than I am comfortable telling. Which, upon reflection would lead to the presumption that I give off that vibe of being one of "those girls", but I've had it told to me that it's not in fact my actions or my person, but that I wear dark eyeliner and leather boots. Not that I dress like a floozie and flaunt my body for the world to see, but because it's winter and it just so happens that I only like to wear stylish boots. I'm sorry that looking fabulous translates that way. But those of you who think that can kiss my butt, because it's the only kissing you're going to get from me.

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