Monday, January 28, 2013

singles in your area!


This whole concept has bothered me for quite some time. I mean, first of all, these gems keep popping up on my facebook page:

I've seen at least four recently. Apparently I'm a desperate Muslim lesbian. I am offended! (2 out of 3 of those insinuations are competely false. One is..mostly false. Just let your mind run with that for a hot second.)

My point is though, why do people online date?! A wise friend once told me "online dating is for semi-attractive, [desperate] insecure people with poor social skills."

Humans need social interaction, and physical stimulation. I mean, have you talked to homeschooled kids? (that's a joke, for all my homeschooled friends. (mostly...;))

Everyone needs to put themselves out there and face hard rejection. It builds character. And I personally just feel that online dating is a way for people to weeny out and hide behind their computer and (often times fake) profile, waiting for some system to "match" them with someone compatible. Because you'd hate to actually just go out there and talk to a bunch of people and find out for yourself. Plus, then there are no secrets physically---I was talking to a kid who tried online dating, found the profile of a girl whom he found to be very pretty (next to perfect facial features, technically good physic, etc) so he "winked" at her, she "flirted" back, they got to talking, and he thought she was just what he was looking for! Then, they met up for their first, official, real life date, and he said she was a good hundred pounds heavier than her picture showed. Now, I understand the whole concept behind loving someone for who they are and not what they look like, because of course looks fade and eventually everyone gets wrinkly and saggy, but I have always been a firm believer that interest is sparked by attraction, and held by personality.

Catfish--the movie and/or the tv show. Watch it. I saw revealed: one hot, flirty blonde that was actually a short, fat, black homosexual man; one girl's boyfriend turned out to be her arch nemisis posing as a man to be cruel and break this girl's heart; and one boy who turned out to be formally a girl. The internet is a frightening place, why, why, whyyyy would you trust someone you met on there?

Stop being weird and meet people in real life.


Unknown said...

Haha, this is great. I agree, and I like the part where you said that "interest is sparked by attraction, and held by personality." I've tried online dating before... it was not a good experience (LDSPlanet, stupid and poor site). Most people seem disingenuous and I didn't stand a chance...the opposite of what I was expecting compared to real life. I tried it out of curiosity for like two months and hated it. Real life all the way.

oliviakaytalley said...

I'm glad you came to your senses Nate. Online dating may work for some people, but I honestly feel that online dating is selling yourself short. I promise you'll find someone to love you for you, everything about you. As long as you are constantly working on being the kind of person you want to date/(marry)

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