Monday, January 14, 2013

so, you have a sister


Don't. This is really your worst idea you ever had. Sisters (also best friends (Kassie)) have a code: if he asks her out, you have no future. Simple enough. And yet, you'd be surprised how many times sneaky boys try to share.

I'm sorry guys, do think we don't talk?

Story 1. Kassie and I went to a wedding reception together, boy comes up and tries to flirt with both of us, then says "hey so, maybe I could get both your numbers?" Hahahahahaha. He didn't get either.

Story 2. I go out with a boy: Jose, whom had come over and met Kassie the night before. On our date, he asks me about Kassie the whole time. This date was cut very short and I never saw him again. That same night, she goes out on a first date with a boy: Yards, and he tried to kiss her--however, being the classy lady she is, she didn't kiss him. Then, she leaves the next morning to go visit her family, and Yards comes over that night and tries to kiss me. Like I didn't know that he had taken her out and tried to kiss her the night before? Like I would ever do anything to hurt Kassie? Like I wouldn't instantly relay exactly what happened the moment I saw her? Poor boy was in our ward, couldn't even make eye contact with us for a month.

Story 3. Most recently--boy texts my sister, messages me on facebook, takes out 2 of my roommates, and cuddles with the other. All at the same time. I want to say he wins for worst played. I watched everything happen, and man, did really get it from my sister.

When I was a kid, I was probably one of the ugliest girls you would ever see. Ages 9-14 were pretty rough. The awkward years hit some of us harder than others. And as a result, for years, all of the boys I liked, liked my older sister Rachel. In fact, I remember the boys used to ask me "when we are older, do you think you'll look like Rachel? Because if you do, we should hook up." Now, as a fragile middle schooler, I was quite traumatized, and vowed then and there that if any boy asked out my sister or showed any kind of interest in her, I would never have interest in them. Of course, as I got a little older and more mature, the whole premise of loyalty took over, but regardless, if he doesn't want my attention first, he doesn't get it ever.

Now, these are not all the stories, for that list is much too long and my ADD is---oh! Butterfly!

So, in conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, what have we learned from these anecdotes? Best friends talk. No matter how suave or charming you think you are, I promise if you try to date girls that are as tight knit and quality as my sisters/Kassie and I, you are going to wind up alone and humiliated, because none of us are passive enough to let you off the hook that easily. If you date best friends/sisters and get away with it...well, you probably deserve each other.

But that's just one lady's opinion...

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