Monday, August 12, 2013

they call her love

Girls are fragile souls,
Each with their own set of insecurities.
Only wanting to feel loved
Wanting to feel wanted

So tell her she's beautiful.

Not that she's skinny
Or has a tight butt
But that her eyes smile when she does
That she radiates light and life

Just tell her that she's beautiful

She's beautiful because God made her
And He doesn't make mistakes
Her body is a temple--
And what two temples look the same?

But aren't they all beautiful?

Some girls are thin, some are short
Some have freckles and scars
Few look like models
And even they ask

Why aren't I beautiful?

In this world it is common
To never feel pretty enough
And why are views so clouded?
Why can't girls see their worth?

Because you didn't tell her she was beautiful.

Simply because she is.

A woman's perspective begins with her father. Does he dote on her? Remind her always that she is a princess? See her as the most spectacular being that's ever graced this earth?

My dad has treated every woman in his life as precious. His mom, his sisters, my mom, my sisters, myself--he has never said any of us are anything less than beautiful. What a wonderful gift, to know a man like that.

Today is my dad's birthday. As a family tradition, we gather around and each say why we love who's birthday it is. Tonight, my sister said that she was a princess. To anyone who knows her, this is nothing new, because she tells everyone to call her that. However, tonight she pointed out that she's a princess, because my dad has always made her feel as so. I'm not a girl who struggles with self confidence, and that is directly a result of the way my father talks to me, and what he and my mother have taught me. Happy birthday Dad! Thanks for being so wonderful:)

But not every girl has received the luxury of such adoring parents-of a father that treats everyone as a princess, a prince, a royal child with immeasurable worth.

So for the girls who don't know, for those who haven't been told, let them know they are beautiful. Not because she is a size 2 or has long blonde hair and perfect skin, but because she is kind, tender, funny, smart, compassionate, hopeful. As men, you have real power to influence the way a girl views herself, so please, I implore you....

tell her she's beautiful

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