Tuesday, March 19, 2013

can you spot me?


As someone who regularly (used to) work out at the gym, I have to say how annoying it is to be in the middle of my workout, and get interrupted by some bulky, bulging man who forgot leg day, trying to pick up on me. I personally go to the gym to try and get fit--then once I look good, and I shower and get dressed up and actually have make up on, feel free to ask me out.

Usually going to the gym, I have my headphones in, my hair back, and I get sweaty and red faced, and I just want to concentrate on my workout. (Granted, I have worn make up at the gym many times, but I go to the gym after I've been to work, and I definitely don't care enough to take it off before I go. So whatever.)

*If a girl is wearing a bikini, with her hair and make up perfectly done, walking on the treadmill for a minute and spending a lot of time "rehydrating", homegirl has mistaken the drinking fountain for the watering hole and is ready to be hunted. Feel free to go after those ones, leaving the rest of us alone.

Girls that aren't interested in having some sweating man interrupting her workout to ask her to spot him, usually have a shirt on, headphones in, and have red, blotchy faces, dripping sweat. Not attractive anyways...right? Although, it is really attractive to be told that you're doing an exercise wrong. There's nothing I love more than a man making me feel incompetent. Oh. Wait.

Maybe I'm wrong....

"Hey girl, I've been watching you climb that StairMaster for the last 10 minutes, can I have your number?"

But probably not.

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