Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy birthday mom

For my kind, endearing mother,

A woman whom has always been my rock, my strength, my light. A best friend, an example, and all that I ever aspire to be--as a wife, and a mother.

To someone who is so selfless, so caring, so wonderful.


Anyone who has not had the pleasure of meeting such an extraordinary woman, she writes published novels, articles, and children's stories.

She carried and raised(still raises) 10 children. My youngest brother has Down Syndrome, and my mom spends hours every day teaching him, helping him grow, loving him.
I look up to my mom so much, and want more than anything to emulate who she is, and it's hard to imagine how any woman could perfect being a mother so well, when she didn't have the same example. She has such strength, such happiness, such love. I watch her love my siblings and I, my dad, and I am always in awe. I'm sure there have been times that I've let her down, but she never tells and shows me anything less than whole hearted love and support.

Someday, when I'm grown up and married, I know what I want my marriage to be. I know I can be as in love with my own husband on the day we wed....

Nearly 30 years later....

I have the most wonderful parents.

My mother is one who is brilliant, and goofy, strong willed and tenderhearted. She is never at a loss for words (guess who she passed that trait along to?...) and she will say exactly how she feels about any given situation--which I often laugh about, but truly admire. She never let's thoughts or opinions of other sway what she knows to be right and true, and she will fight for it to the very death. Go ahead, ask her about abortion. I'm thankful to have been raised by her, and I can't wait for my babies to know her as their grandma. (Not pregnant. Or married. That's obviously a future anticipation.) I am so glad you were born, and I know the family has made this day special, I just wish I could have been home for it. You're the best!

Also, my mom's a babe. She still looks good.

Thanks mom. For everything. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I need you, I love you, I want to be just like you.

The chipettes sing it best!

love, your baby girl

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