Saturday, September 14, 2013

you've got (voice)mail!


Fellas. This one goes out to some friends that keep asking my advice in this situation, so for their sake, let's play out a little scenario:

You are at (insert social scenario here) and you meet this girl. She's beautiful--like a 9.9, funny, talkative, shy, whatever tickles your fancy and brings you over to talk to her. Y'all two then proceed to engage in what seems on your end to be a magical conversation. The night begins to come to a close, and you slyly spout some clever way of getting her number. She complies and you are over the moon. You go home, talk to your guy friends, type out a text and debate sending it, contemplate the appropriate wait time, think about her all day long...wait, you're a dude--so in reality you just go home and think about her a few days later, so you send the code that will connect you telephonically through to her...and it rings. And rings, and rings. Her voicemail comes on the other line. You leave a message stating your name and purpose, then make a simple request that she call you back. Easy enough, right? But as you wait for a return call so you can propose going out on a date as planned, she sends you back a text: "hey, I got your message, what's up?"


Run so far and so fast and never look back. If you call a girl after she gives you her number, you can bet your bottom dollar that she knows your intent is to ask her out. Sending a text back in response to a call is a total cop out. Sadly, it means she just isn't interested. The reality is, it's easier to reject someone over a text rather than in person or on the phone. Some might call it spineless or cowardly, but regardless, that's the truth. Now, at this point, if this is the situation you're in, you might be going back over your conversation, parsing it and wondering if it really went as well as you thought it did in the first place. Chances are, it didn't. Or perhaps it did, and she changed her mind. Either way, you've just been kicked to the curb. So go out there and find a new girl to call. But keep calling! I know gentlemen that feel defeated and resort to texting all the girls, and it makes me want to die. Just because she was a weeny and didn't return your call doesn't mean you need to be from now on. Kthanksbye.

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