Tuesday, November 20, 2012

let's hear it for the boy!


In honor of Thanksgiving I just thought I'd write a post to say thank you. Thank you to all the kind boys that have taken me out on such wonderful dates. Thank you to everyone that taught me something.

While I was in high school, I didn't have quite the plethora of LDS gentlemen to go out on dates with, so before I graduated, I went out on one date. Before I moved to Provo, I got up to about 3 I believe. I think it's so important to date only return missionaries (or future ones for the 16/17 year old girls) because you marry who you date. From personal experience and observation, I have seen the effects of members marrying non members, and it's torn families apart. Date people with your same standards and beliefs (even within the church.) Don't we all want to spend forever with someone we can laugh and share with, that will help us be better and give us perspective, rather than someone we would constantly be fighting with? Do you really want to spend eternity trying to convince your partner that you're right? You'll have enough of that being a boy and girl (already built differently) and being raised different. The less you have to fight about the better, and the happier you will be.

So I am grateful for RM's (returned missionaries). I am so thankful for boys that have made good choices in their lives to be obedient and humble to serve the Lord, that give me a chance. I've been out with some really great guys that were so nice to me and treated me like a lady, like a daughter of God, and I remember the sweet things they did for me, and I won't go out with anyone who does less. I know girls can be just as mean to the boys as many have been treated, and that truly breaks my heart. These guys do so much, and they have so much expected from them, so ladies, let's never forget how special they are.

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